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Stroke 2021 will be organized in a such a way to explore the theme Innovations in DiagnosisTherapeutics, and Rehabilitation of Stroke. This event will give you a bookmark in your work diary, we are inspiring you to make it possible. Stroke 2021 not only amplify your practice and knowledge, but it will also contribute an exclusive opportunity to build a network with the broad spectrum of professionals and experts in the field of neurological disorders and stroke.

neurologic disorder is the dysfunction of any part of the brain or Central Nervous Systems which could result in the physical disability and psychological issues. There are many types of neurological disorders including Parkinson’s diseaseAlzheimer’s disease, EpilepsyMultiples clerosis, and Migraines. Even a Nano level destruction in the neurons’ structural pathway can have consequences in the functions of the nervous systems. Various causes that stand for neurological disorders are InfectionsGeneticsPhysical injuries, and Nutrition-related causes.
Stroke is the clog in the blood vessels of the brain as a result of plaque formation due to which the blood supply is cut off. This primarily leading to the cell death and finally, it cause brain injury. the stroke can effect in two possible ways, ischemic due to blocked artery to the brain and haemorrhagic due to the ruptures of blood vessels.

Benefits of attending the conference

The 10th International Conference on Neurological Disorders and Stroke will provide you an excellent platform to have brainstorm idea for diagnosis and management of the stroke as well as the neurological disordersStroke 2021 will behold of professionals and experts from around the globe who will demonstrate their innovative research for the amelioration of neurological health.

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