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Dr. Magda Tsolaki
Dr. Magda Tsolaki
Chairwoman, Pan-Hellenic Federation of Alzheimer’s Disease
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Dr. Magda Tsolaki, MD, PhD, was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1954 and has spent most of her time there. She has been a Professor of Neurology since 2010, a Neuropsychiatrist since 1983 and she has worked at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 1982, as well as at the 3rd Department of Neurology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 1988. She has been the main author/co-author of 48 Books, has participated with 506 abstracts in Greek Conferences, with 403 abstracts in English International or European Conferences, is the first author/co-author of 285 papers in Greek journals, and in 376 international journals -310 in PubMed with Impact Factor=1134.845, h-index=52, with more than 10.445 citations-. She has been a reviewer for Conferences and Journals (261) and has organized 27 national conferences on the AD and five international ones. She was one of the three or seven advisory members for 18 doctoral theses-completed, has created the Greek Alzheimer Association in 1995 and the Greek Federation of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2007 - she is also the Chair of this Federation. In this capacity, she has given 310 lectures throughout Greece, as well as on TV and radio. She has participated in 40 research programmes and 37 clinical trials. In total, she has received 48 awards.

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